Wavemob #002

I’ve been very into this whole “wave” thing lately, with its dark, luscious synths and wacked out beats, born as a cousin to trap and cousin twice removed of dubstep, with a dose of those shiny shiny — truly, wavey —  synths, so thoroughly fresh and modern, a beautiful dystopian take on the world that is somehow comforting, what with all of the chaos going on. Because no matter how fucked things get, we’ll have drop-dead gorgeous art as we spin into the abyss.

Wavemob is a record label started by producer Klimeks as a place to showcase a sound that no one else was making and has evolved into a collective highlighting some of the best producers in the world right now. I’ve been listening to every one of these guys lately and I can tell you, it’s killer.

This release is a treat. Throw it on with some headphones or a good soundsystem and let it take you someplace a bit darker, but a bit more beautiful than where you are now: