S2D2 Vol. 60

1. DJ Shadow — The Mountain Will Fall
Wow, new DJ Shadow! This is the first single off of a new album, just announced, out June 24th. He’s moving away from samples and towards original music for this release. Loving this track. Super low key.

2. Interpol — Everything Is Wrong (Solomun Remix)
Solomun has been doing great work lately and I love almost everything he’s been putting out. This is a sprawling deep house remix of Interpol, love it.

3. Alex Smoke — Dire Need (Tale Of Us Remix)
Gahh I’ve been so into Tale Of Us lately. Everything they touch turns to gold. Go see them DJ if you can.

4. Sei A — Space In Your Mind (DJ Tennis Remix)
Moar of the deepness! This is one of those tracks that I had on in the background and all of a sudden was like dayyyyumm this shit is good.

5. Midoca — Tell Me Your Lies ft. Dark Waves
Moody. This reminds me so strongly of something but I can’t place it. Let me know if it reminds you of anything!

6. The Librarian — Zeal
This chick is the founder of the Bass Coast Music Festival. This is the first track I’ve heard from her but man, she knows her shit. Loving this. Such great beats here.

7. Dillon Nathaniel — Loophole
Main Course puts out the greatest heavy electronic. This is a bit more tame than a lot of their stuff, actually, and a bit more straightforward techno.

8. Mat Zo — Killing Time
Mat Zo’s new album is very, very interesting. This song sticks to his classic sound — funky fresh — but the album is all over the place. Something for everyone in it, I recommend a listen.

9. Buz Ludzha — Basslines For Life
This is a really interesting track. I’ve gone back and forth on it quite a bit and have come to the decision that I love it. Very grungy, very lo-fi.

10. Stephan Bodzin — Wir
Been very into Stephan Bodzin lately and recently came across this lovely tune thanks to Kat at A Song A Day. Let this eleven minute track soothe all your worries.