S2D2 Vol. 55

I’ve got a very springtime playlist for you this week. If you’re enjoying the sunshine, this’ll be perfect. If you are not, put this on and you will have a much easier time pretending.

1. Flume — Smoke & Retribution (EKALI Remix)

As Flume is massive these days, any track he releases is instantly remixed into oblivion, and this one’s no exception. This is my favorite remix I’ve heard of this track — I was fairly bored by the original track but this remix brings a spark of life to it that was missing. This is the track Flume should’ve made.

2. Jamie Prado — African Sun

Jamie is from LA and it shows in this endlessly upbeat track. It’s tropical and sunny without being anything like the tropical house genre we’ve heard to death by now. I haven’t even had time to digest this yet; I heard it earlier this morning and instantly fell in love, and I’m looking forward to many more listens.

3. Submotion Orchestra — Needs ft. Andrew Ashong (Seb Wildblood Remix)

My love affair with Seb Wildblood continues. This guy is on fire. Pleased to see that he can do remixes just as well as original productions. Submotion Orchestra has also been killing it, so this is the perfect pairing. Not much to say about this track, it’s chill and jazzy and delightful.

4. Ten Fé — In The Air (Star Slinger Remix)

Star Slinger has evolved a bit over the past year and I’m really loving his new sound. It’s a bit more beat-y, less polished and poppy, and has a lot more soul. This is a supremely fun remix.

5. Ulzzang Pistol – PASTEL 女の子 (et aliae Remix)

An old track that randomly popped up for me, due to Ulzzang Pistol’s new album. He’s a Philippino producer making K-pop inspired tunes, and this remix provides a lovely array of glitch to this poppy, yet somewhat melancholy, track.

6. Kessel Vale — Rituals

I love the way the elements of the track seem to dance around each other, creating a truly mesmerizing experience. Within the first thirty seconds I knew this was a lock for this week.

7. Camea — Edge of Infinity (Kiki Remix)

I’ve been toying with this track for a while now, debating whether it’s worthy of being in here. I decided yesterday, while listening again in my car, that it is. Many tracks make it in here after a car listen, after initially being dubbed “meh.” There’s something about a fantastic sound system that brings certain tracks to life, especially high-quality electronic productions. And once you hear it how it’s meant to be heard, you carry that with you through earbud and laptop speaker listens.

8. Archivist — Pathfinder

Been listening to this one nonstop for days. A straightforward track that allows you to tune in and out, until you realize you’ve been staring at the ceiling listening to it for 5 minutes and there’s a big smile plastered on your face. At least, that’s what happens to me. Give this some time, it’s worth it.

9. Oberst & Buchner — Doves ft. Mimu (rampue Remix)

Chill af song of the week. Is it springtime where you are? Because it is here in Northern California. Yesterday, driving back from Big Sur, we listened to this while watching golden poppies streaming by the windows.

10. Selvy — Wishing Well

This is also a very springtime song. Is it spring in Poland, where Selvy is from? I’m gonna guess no but I have no idea, really. But this is off his EP due out next month, so he’s obviously prepared for the springtime tunes. Let this one rock you off to a happier, sunnier place.