S2D2 Vol. 54

We’re back! And have got a great playlist for you this week. After somewhat of a slow month in January, producers have been pushing out releases like crazy in February. Here we go…

1. Haywyre — Memory
I’ve been loving Haywyre’s releases for a while so I was stoked about the quality of his new LP that you can cop (legally) via torrent. This particular track is full of spunk and will surely wake you up and get you in the mood to dance.

2. Deadmau5 — saved
Deadmau5 just released a whole bunch of new tracks on his SoundCloud, which is great, because he’s been going through a struggle with depression for quite some time, and was hoping to pull through somewhat this year and release some stuff. This shit is vintage Deadmau5 — progressive composition to the stars and back. Turn it up and let him transport you to some faraway outer space land.

3. André Hommen — Introspectal
This is just a clip, unfortunately the full song isn’t on SoundCloud. But it’s too good not to include. This is the perfect “I’m at the club and in the zone and getting high off all this music and may or may not be high on drugs too” track. One of those where everyone is focused on the music, in their own world, doin’ some fancy footwork or just bobbin their heads and enjoying the moment when music brings us all together. Every DJ needs a song like this in their repetoire.

4. Booka Shade — Neon ft. Daudi Matsiko (Radio Edit)
Very much a pop song here, at least in structure. More self-contained and tight than most Booka Shade, due to the radio edit. The vocals are soft and haunting and add a real melancholy air to this lovely tune.

5. D-Nox & Beckers — Serenade
Another progressive house track, this one’ll take you on a journey, perhaps to an even farther land than the Deadmau5 track. This one requires some patience as it takes quite a while to “get to the point,” at about the halfway mark. And oh, is it worth it.

6. Adriatique — Soul Valley
Swiss producers Adriatique are in the process of getting HUGE. They’ve just been putting out great release after great release. They are making some of the absolute best tech-house out there right now. This just came out yesterday and I’m pretty sure it’s the best I’ve heard from them yet.

7. Aphex Twin — u473t8+e [141.98bpm][piezoluminescence Mix]
This track is off his album, Syro, from 2014, but for some reason he just threw it up on his SC, and it’s so good I had to throw it in here. I love this guy. I’m a fan of music on the more accessible side, so some AFX is too out there for me, but not as much as you think. He is the master of creating just a slew of fucking weird sounds, taking all this disparate stuff, throwing it into incredibly complex and uncommon structure, and somehow making very accessible music out of it. Brb, throwing Syro on my record player…

8. Stephan Bodzin — Sputnik (Dominik Eulberg Remix)
This is an exceptionally produced track, take note. I don’t have much to say about this one, except that when I first heard it, I played it for an hour straight. YUM.

9. 909 Til Infinity — Don’t Count Me Out
This song is heavyyyyyyy. Whew!

10. Jan Blomqvist — More ft. Elena Pitoulis
A nice little pop style deep house tune to close it out, I can’t stop listening to this track. The perfect winter track. What is it about whispered vocals? Whispered vocals = rainy day song.