S2D2 Vol. 53

I have a very chill playlist here for you today. It’s winter, dontcha know, so do your cozy winter things and put this on and smile.

1. Underworld — I Exhale
UMMMMMM Underworld is back. I’m so stoked. Underworld is about as old as I am. If you haven’t heard of them, you probably heard their biggest single, “Born Slippy (nuxx)”, at some point in the past 20 years. Their last album was released 6 years ago and they are back with another, and a tour to match. Praying for a San Francisco date. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them at Outside Lands, actually…

My favorite thing about this song is how fucking BRITISH it is, my god. It’s like a time warp back to the 90s in the UK. It’s brilliant. It reminds me of Pulp.

2. Maribou State — November Nights
I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Maribou State’s signature sound. It’s unique — I can immediately place a song by them, no matter what, and that’s not my specialty — it’s breathy, it’s beautiful, and above all, the perfect music for staying in during a rainy or snowy day. This song is an extra from their recently released LP, but I think it’s better than all the songs on that LP. Thanks for releasing this beaut.

3. Casino Gold — In The Air
Mmmmm pure soul right here. I want to throw this track over my head and snuggle inside of it and never come out. You can join if you want, but no talking! I love the percussion on this, especially when it’s highlighted in the last half. The shaky, complicated beats complements the soulful layers perfectly.

4. Tourist — To Have You Back
While Tourist has never topped his gorgeous song “Together” (and I’m not sure it’s possible to), this is another great track in a string of them over the past 2 years. I like his release style — he’s not the fastest producer, but he drips out new tracks 3-4 times a year, just enough so you don’t forget him, all impeccably produced, and this is one of my favorites he’s put out in a while. It’s a bit more funky than his other stuff, a little different while still carrying that signature Tourist sound. (But seriously, go listen to “Together” after this. I’ve featured it before, but it’s worth a thousand listens.)

5. FIY Chris — Juliette (DIY Chris Remix)
I’ve talked a bit about the record label Church this year, and you’ll be seeing it a lot on here. They’re collecting and featuring a futuristic yet classic sound that’s… well, it’s the future. This song spatters all over the place, making me feel like there’s a drum machine in my head. Seriously dope beats here — almost the entire track is percussion.

6. Moloko — Sing It Back (Mousse T’s Feel Love Remix)
A tribute to Donna Summer, a classic groove, a fun track.

7. Fiorious — No Immunity (Steve Huerta Remix)
Lush, chill, and delicious. The last third is the best.

8. Mattheis — Deliberately Diverted
Low key house, one of those tracks that’s perfect to start or end your day to. Big fan of the production here — it’s a patient tune.

9. Joakim — Find A Way (John Talabot Dusseldorf Remix)
A chill little techno track here. Talabot does it again. Talabot is everything.

10. Si Tew — We Endeavour
This is an interesting song. A lot happens over the course of 8 minutes, so it’s definitely worth listening to the entire thing. Love those strings in the beginning, it sets quite the mood.