S2D2 Vol. 50

Number 50. 500 songs to dance to. Pretty cray!

1. Justin Jay — Karma ft. Josh Taylor & Benny Bridges: Justin Jay… he came out seemingly out of nowhere and has crushed it in 2015. This track is no exception. One of the coolest things about him is the diversity in his style. Every track and remix is a slightly different sound, but similar enough that he’s not all over the place. This one is more of a pop song than any of his other stuff, and it’s fantastic.

2. Baby Bash — Suga Suga (SoySauce Remix): SoySauce has also dominated 2015. Their track “Sushi Park” is one of my favorites of the year. They just released a couple of remixes, this being one of them. Just a super fun track.

3. Yvng Jalepeño — In Control ft. Muki (Jordan Burns Remix): Groovy. As in, this song has a great groove. I’m digging that main riff. Neither of these guys have very many SC followers and I’d never heard of either of them. More music like this and both of them’ll start getting some serious recognition.

4. Dawn Wall — Spears: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: chill dnb (drum n bass, distinguished by the percussion) is one of the greatest sounds. And it’s been gaining a lot of traction for dnb. Dnb making a comeback confirmed? It’s been a classic electronic genre for a seriously long time, but classic UK bass music (grime, dubstep, dnb, etc) was suffering for a few years during the Great American Dubstep Fuckery. But time has passed and these genres are back on track.

5.  Alexander Lewis — Tides: Okay, this song starts off slow and honestly, fairly mediocre. It sounds like every trap track. But about halfway through it shifts into something seriously awesome. Dark af.

6. Kiwi — Pelican (Kiwi Remix): Off an EP of Kiwi remixes, so solid that I had quite a hard time picking which track I wanted to share. But after much consideration and relistens, I decided this is the best. Off Duke Dumont’s label Blasé Boys Club, it’s less poppy than you’d expect, but still pleasantly accessible. Mmm.

7. Audiojack — Nefelibata: Another tough choice to make off a great EP of remixes, but I stuck with the original here. Easy to get lost in, that’s for sure. Actually, this week’s playlist is full of songs to get lost in. The best kind of playlist.

8. Dark Sky — Em Cy: I love Dark Sky so so much. Quality track after quality track for years. This one is a bit different from most, with a unique approach. The description says: “Intricately designed around a murmured latin vocal, each drum hit is painstakingly positioned.” Cool.

9. Dabin — Hold ft. Daniela Andrade: A beautiful track. Lush, sweet, and melancholy.

10. Jamie xx — Gosh (Jonnie King Re:Vision): More Jamie xx is always a good thing. This remix doesn’t do too much, because there’s really no need to mess w/ Jamie’s music too much. So, the perfect remix.

What’s your fav track? Lemme know.