S2D2 Vol 71

A happy, lighthearted, easy listening playlist, because the world sucks right now.

1. Ghost Town DJ’s – My Boo (Ownglow Bootleg)
One of my all time favorite songs, given a refresher by drum and bass producer Ownglow. Just a great excuse to listen to this song on repeat for days.

2. Sam Gellaitry – The Gateway
Genius future beat master is at it again with this wacky, beautiful, haunting production.

3. Al Green – Love & Happiness (JPOD Remix)
Because we all need a little more love & happiness in our lives.

4. Lords of Monza ft Yeallow – EveryDay (Lost In Disco Remix)
Chill, happy disco remix. Sunny summer afternoon style.

5. Hayden James – Just A Lover
One of my favorite producers, Hayden James makes the happiest dance music without an ounce of cheese.

6. Buz Ludzha – Positive Vibes
Muddy, groovy, with a riff that’ll get stuck in your head, in the best way.

7. Autarkic – I Know
The vocals sound soooo much like Underworld, I totally thought this was a new Underworld track when it was playing in the background. It has nothing to do with Underworld though, except for the heavy influence. There’s a bit of a Pulp influence in there, too…

8. Lehar – Magical Realism
Can’t have a S2D2 without a deep house track! Apparently. Well, this is a delightful tune. Let it build on you.

9. Andre Hommen – A.R.M.C (XLR8R Beatless Edit)
A wonderful rework of a wonderful song. Shoutout to the commenter who said “just add a beat and it’s done” on a beatless edit 😂

10. Moderat – Running (Tale of Us Remix)
Posted this on the blog a few weeks back when it was just a bootleg remix on YouTube that people guessed was Tale of Us. Now it’s officially out, and It. Is. So. Good.