S2D2 Vol 62

1. Dhillon — Intro
Jeremy Olander just released an EP under his Dhillon moniker and I am in looooove. The bassline on this song is tremendous.

2. Wuki — Make It Clap
Wuki has been on a roll lately and this is his best yet. This. slaps. so. hard. Make that booty clap y’all.

3. RL Grime — Aurora
Can’t even remember the last time RL Grime made a track that was not stellar.

4. Lane 8 — Fingerprint
One of my favorite deep house producers out there right now, Lane 8 can do no wrong. Fingerprint is another epic journey to Wonderland. When he posted this song he announced a record label and a no-phone tour called This Never Happened, and the first show is in San Francisco at the Mezzanine in June. See you there!

5. Metroplane — Mr. E
The payoff starts 4 minutes in wooooo boiiiiiiii

6. Midland — Blush
I was really into Midland a few years back but then he just kinda fell off the face of the year and didn’t release any new music for a while. It’s been pretty sporadic the past few years. So I was stoked to see this new release, and I love it so.

7. Jamie Prado — New Era
That sample from Kendrick is well-used. A dreamy, head-in-the-clouds tune.

8. Rob Me — Friedlich (420 Mix)

9. Musumeci — VI
Just some fresh tech house right here yum.

10. Beranek — Dra Te Hælvete (Todd Terje Remix)
Wow, what an interesting track. This is like DEVO-influenced acid disco. Wait until the last third. Of fucking course Terje would make this hahaaaa.