S2D2 Vol. 49

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US so I’ll be busy eating all of my mother’s cooking and making deviled eggs (yaassss) and getting really drunk. Aka, I will not be sending out an issue of S2D2. I will be making my mother listen to dance songs instead.

(Fun story: once I was with her in the car and I put on Death Cab’s Transatlanticism. After about a minute she goes, this is way too intense, can we put on something calmer? 😂)

Anyway, American friends, enjoy Thanksgiving. The rest of ya, feel free to join in by getting drunk and fat next Thursday. I’ll see y’all in December.

1. XTC — Functions On The Low: One of the most classic grime songs of all time, I was just reminded of this from a recent Four Tet mix. This track is so simple, but it accomplishes so much. It’s hard for me to describe how I feel when I listen to it. Happy. Calm. Like I could slay the dance floor. So, the usual.

2. Kenton Slash Demon — Syko (Round’s Slow Response Mix): Cool track. I love the vocals at the beginning and the way they melt into the music, so moody and atmospheric.

3. Four Tet — Angel Echoes (Simone Drive Remix): Great remix of a great song. The original track was on a beautiful album put out in 2010, my last semester of college. And I would not have been able to write my thesis without it. I remember being holed up in the library, listening to this album on repeat—it was the only thing that preserved my sanity during those troubling times. I love that Simone Drive has been resurrecting some of my absolute favorite chill tracks lately. <3

4. Chrome Sparks — Ride The White Lightning: Everyone’s been super into Chrome Sparks lately while for the most part he’s flown under my radar. People often compare him to Com Truise and Giraffage, though imo this song surpasses everything I’ve heard from those guys, not an easy feat. Be warned, it’s a long track. But all the better to get lost in.

5. Pines — Fate: A lovely glitchy track. I guess this is future. I’ve given up on “future,” I have no idea what constitutes future and honestly, I don’t care. I do like a lot of what people tell me is future. As long as I get the music, am I right? Anyway, this is a well-produced chill little track.

6. Air Zaire — Love 94 (Mighty Mouse Remix): I love both Mighty Mouse and Air Zaire, so make sense that I love this song. It gets into a little groove, perfect to work to—or dance to, obv.

7. Roland Tings — Hedonist: The only thing needed to be said is summed up in this comment on Last.fm: “wat kind of magic asshole you hav 2 be to make music like this.” Well said. Also, I’m def gonna start using the term magic asshole. 💯

8. Amtrac — Darkest Sound: Amtrac is one of my favorite poppy house artists. This is a bit darker and deeper than his other stuff. 🙂

9. JackLNDN — Nevermind: Another great poppy guy, I’ve put many of his tracks on here. On the surface his stuff doesn’t sound any different from a bunch of other stuff, but he has a bit of magic in every song that makes him rise out of the crowd.

10. Oni Ayhun — OAR003: OK I’m sorry this track was also in the Four Tet mix that featured Functions On The Low. I’m sorry! It’s not my fault Four Tet is fucking killin his sets! Oni is in the band The Knife so it makes sense that this song is fantastic. It’s long and takes a bit to wind up, so give it a minute and you’ll be delighted that you did.

I’m out.