S2D2 Vol. 47

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1. Tyson — Mr Rain (Mano Le Tough Remix)

This Mano Le Tough remix, like every Mano Le Tough remix, is wonderful. Love how it starts out with The Who’s Baba O’Riley (that’s Teenage Wasteland to any heathens out there). Kiiiiiinda wish it was a straight up remix because I can never get enough of that song, but you can’t always get what you want. It is still a delight. V chill.

2. Lewis Cancut — Systems

Never heard of this guy before. Guess he’s an Australian who came out of Red Bull Music Academy last year (btw, red bull has the greatest marketing of all time, it’s astounding). Annnyway, I’m digging this song. I like the thingies at the beginning slowly building out into the full song, it’s very Four Tet — just a bit more polished, a bit more full, a bit more clubby.

3. Matt DiMona — I Just Want You

Obligatory cheesy love song. One of those songs you’ll have on in the background and then you realize that you feel really happy and then you realize it’s the song. Or at least that’s what happened to me. It’s the vocals after 2:00 that bring it home. Lovely track. It’s fall you know (kind of), so it’s time to start collecting “indoor” songs.

4. The 2 Bears — Unbuild It (Naum Gabo Remix)

The 2 Bears make some of my favorite happy dance music, which is not surprising because 1 Bear is Joe Goddard, of Hot Chip and many amazing solo tracks. This is a cool remix by Naum Gabo, who Google tells me is a Russian sculptor… probbb not the same dude. This is a pretty long track and the vocals don’t even kick in until halfway through, so give it a minute (or three).

5. Chris E Pants — Tare

This one is really cool. It definitely takes a while to get going if you’re one of those impatient types, but the part I like best, from the last third of the song, is present in the beginning very faintly, and slowly builds up and out and in, until it consumes the song. A very common technique, and I’ve been hearing some masterful implementations lately.

6. Laid Back — Bakerman (Soul Clap Remix)

Seriously sooo chill. Aka so Soul Clap. Nuf said.

7. Felon — Isla (DE$iGNATED Remix)

This is a very nice driving song. I like to drive and listen to it. A little dark and techy and bassy, but house at its core and the vocals provide some percussion in the chorus, overall a great complement to the sound.

8. Bodhi — Howler

Ah, Bodhi. They’ve been putting out one bonafide UK garage banger after another lately. They take sounds that have been used a million times and create something new and special out of it.

9. Deetron — Collide

Deetron is a techno producer, but he’s been totally into the tech house thing lately (like everyone else, me included). This song is simple and pretty and there’s really only a few things going on. But it takes you on a ride and 8 minutes are gone before you know it.

10. Daniel T — Planetismal

I have no idea where I found this song, I just found it in my likes. It’s quite a fun track. It does sound very spacey (wacey). I could see it playing during Contact when Jodie Foster is in her vortex thing — in a very goofy way. It would make it a goofy movie, but let’s be honest, the end is strange anyway so a goofy song like this really wouldn’t change much about our feelings.

Okey, enjoy, and tell me your favorite track please and thank you.