S2D2 Vol. 46

Fun fact: the playlist picture is my brother on my grandpa’s lap around age 5 chugging some wine. My fam is classy.

Chet Faker is back with a delightful collab with Marcus Marr, who has been killin it lately. It is a good song.

Next up is an Amtrac song “Hold On” which samples Marvin Gaye… I’ve been hanging onto this for a while and finally decided that you need to hear it.

Then there is a new Disciples song, the guys who’ve been blowing up the UK lately. #gangsterhouse

And Moon Boots, one of my favorite producers, is out with a new track. This guy is so consistent—every other month or so he releases a new track and they are always great. How does he do it?!?

I’ve never heard of N’to, the producer of this next track. But it’s really, really good. One of those tracks you can get lost in. Just some down to earth deep house.

Ah, and next up: some Aphex Twin. He’s been putting out a TON of shit under this account for like a year now. If you don’t know, now you know. This track is one of my favorites. It’s like the most house-y he’s ever been. It’s actually kind of weird when you think about it. But you don’t think about Aphex Twin. You enjoy Aphex Twin. That’s one of the commandments of electronic music FYI.

Next up is Basenji with just the sweetest track. This goes on my Fall playlist. If I close my eyes I can pretend it’s fall instead of being 80 degrees outside. Relevant: I miss Bay Area autumns. I have so many fond memories of them from growing up. I like dead leaves, dammit! Is that too much to ask?

Oh hey, another French producer I’d never heard of (you might be starting to get the idea that I haven’t heard of about half the people I feature on here. Thank you, various music discovery services). Anyway, this track is pretty cool. Give it a minute and a half to warm up and then it’ll make your brain happy.

Throwing Snow is one of those guys where I used to love his shit and then he started putting out shit and I was sad and now he’s back to putting out great shit! Rejoice! I’m so happy with this song, it’s a return to form and I hope he continues making great shit instead of shit shit.

And, to top it off, a remix of Lovebirds “I Want You In My Soul.” Gawd I love this song, so, so much. This remix is pretty good too. It doesn’t do too much and lets the original speak for itself—just adds some tweaks.