S2D2 Vol 72

1. TLC – No Scrubs (Antra Remix)
This remix makes me smile. Fun stuff!

2. Ordnry Yngstr – Feels w/ HXNS
Just a delightful tune. Summer vibes

3. Girl Unit – Wut (Harmful Logic Bootleg)
One of the most classic UK club songs of the past 10 years gets a bootleg remix that slows it down and cranks up da bass.

4. Machinedrum – Angel Speaks (ft. MeLo-X)
You can always count on Machinedrum to make a unique sounding track. He’s moved towards a new sound lately, a bit poppier, a bit more accessible, but always top quality production. This song is gonna be huge.

5. Justin Timberlake – Ladies (Casual Connection Boogie Funk Rework)
Been digging these Casual Connection reworks, and you really can’t go wrong making a JT tune into a funk tune.

6. The Chemical Brothers – Go (Claude VonStroke Remix)
Pretty sure The Chemical Brothers are actually a drug in music form — every damn time I hear a track, adrenaline starts rushing through my body. This remix from Dirtybird’s CVS preserves the original rush of “Go” but morphs it into a totally different song. Love the slowdown in the last third.

7. Yotto – The Owls
This song is everywhere all of a sudden, and it’s easy to see why.

8. Elk Road – Not To Worry ft. Governors (TÂCHES Remix)
Really liking what I’ve been hearing from TÂCHES. The second half of this track in particular. Yum!

9. SoDown – Same Same
Because it’s summer, and in the summer, we love the feel good stuff.

10. Tycho – Division

Best of 2015: DJ Sets and Mixes

Mixes and sets are what make the electronic world go round. I don’t normally share them with you guys—this is Songs to Dance to after all—but I spend a large chunk of my time listening to them, zoning out to them, dancing to them, smiling to them, working to them, et cetera. Mixes are a great way to discover new music, both because of the DJ’s tastes and their friendships with producers who’ll slip them a track before release (sometimes years before they are available even, cough Joy Orbison cough).

There were thousands upon thousands of sets, mixes and podcasts this year, and I heard maybe 1% of them. Of that 1%, these are the 15 that I liked most. Enjoy.

S2D2 Vol. 43

Northern California heat wave means indian summer tunes.

Important matter of business: Tycho remixed a Death Cab For Cutie song! Doesn’t get much better than that. It’s a little slow, but I put it first cuz it’s important.
Funny story. Once I was driving with my mom and playing Death Cab’s Transatlanticism. She says “Can you put on something a little less intense?” 😂