S2D2 Vol 85

Got a great mix for you today, enjoy!

1. Chance the Rapper – All Night (Kaytranada Remix)
I love Chance! And I love Kaytranada. He takes a party pleaser and puts a beat on it for the dancefloor. The original is already great so he doesn’t do too much, which I appreciate.

2. RL Grime, What So Not, Skrillex – Waiting
Some BIG names in bass got together and came up with this (edit: wow, totally forgot to finish this before I sent it off. Anyway, this song is really great. They’re having fun and you can totally tell, because the three of them are wacky enough to pull this crazy shit off with a unique slant. Love it.)

3. Boys Noize – Midnight (Boys Noize & Mr Oizo Handbraekes Remix)
There’s so many remixes of this song — and the original is great — but this one is so satisfying, like on a primal level or something.

4. Destructo – Techno (Dr. Fresch Remix)
I’m so into this.

5. m.O.N.R.O.E. – That Sounds
A laid back tech house mix in the old school West Coast style. Super fun bassline, this one is just begging for your footwork. Aka probably great for learning how to shuffle in your bedroom. Not that I’ve done that… That’s what afterparties are for!

6. Baba Stiltz – Keep It Lit
Oooh fun shit right here from Baba Stiltz, from Sweden. A classic house groove, with great production quality on a lo-fi sound. This will pop up in some mixes, in fact I think I have heard a mix with this… hard to tell because I know I’ve danced to that bassline many times.

7. DJ Raff – Completed
A really interesting piece of music from Chilean artist DJ Raff. The first third is a kind of playful experimentation with the equipment, then bursts into a really fun, stutter-y thumper of a second third. The last third takes it up another notch, doing some great break work. Love it.

8. Frank Ocean – Ivy (Air Zaire Remix)
I’ve been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean lately, old and new, so this is perfect timing. This remix really amplifies all of the melodic and sonic hooks that are in the original, and lets ol Frankie’s voice shine. Beautifully done.

9. Jolar Drim – Tema
Lovely. Out of the Netherlands, this kid only has 70 followers (71 now). I’m impressed, this is some beautiful, high-level production and a beautiful song to boot.

10. Pirupa – Sunday Morning (Skream Remix)
Deep & dark remix from Skream. Lit it simmer and it will delight you.

S2D2 Vol 62

1. Dhillon — Intro
Jeremy Olander just released an EP under his Dhillon moniker and I am in looooove. The bassline on this song is tremendous.

2. Wuki — Make It Clap
Wuki has been on a roll lately and this is his best yet. This. slaps. so. hard. Make that booty clap y’all.

3. RL Grime — Aurora
Can’t even remember the last time RL Grime made a track that was not stellar.

4. Lane 8 — Fingerprint
One of my favorite deep house producers out there right now, Lane 8 can do no wrong. Fingerprint is another epic journey to Wonderland. When he posted this song he announced a record label and a no-phone tour called This Never Happened, and the first show is in San Francisco at the Mezzanine in June. See you there!

5. Metroplane — Mr. E
The payoff starts 4 minutes in wooooo boiiiiiiii

6. Midland — Blush
I was really into Midland a few years back but then he just kinda fell off the face of the year and didn’t release any new music for a while. It’s been pretty sporadic the past few years. So I was stoked to see this new release, and I love it so.

7. Jamie Prado — New Era
That sample from Kendrick is well-used. A dreamy, head-in-the-clouds tune.

8. Rob Me — Friedlich (420 Mix)

9. Musumeci — VI
Just some fresh tech house right here yum.

10. Beranek — Dra Te Hælvete (Todd Terje Remix)
Wow, what an interesting track. This is like DEVO-influenced acid disco. Wait until the last third. Of fucking course Terje would make this hahaaaa.