S2D2 Vol 99

1. Oli Furness – You Can Win

We’ll start the week off on an upbeat note with some straight up disco… dreamin’ of better times and sunny dance sessions

2. Levemir – Saturday Twin

And keep the vibes going with this delightful tune — love the energy on this one.

3. Blo – Hanwei Forge Practical Katana

Blo is a recent discovery, and I am all about it.

4. Imre Kiss – Shadow Universe


5. Loure – VUE

Beautiful stuff. A bit of jazz horn, a dash of soulful vocals, and some serene synths in a symbiotic relationship.

6. Royer – clqsse2 (simpleversion)

The chillest thing you’ll hear all week. Love those gentle synths… like an angel’s beating wings…lol

7. Nackt & Michael Claus – Grey Skies

Nackt was one of the artists who died in the Ghost Ship fire. I’m wondering if Michael Claus finished it up for him, or if they were collaborating from the beginning. Either way, it’s a fabulous track. Some real Bay Area acid vibes, with a modern slant.

8. Lone – From A Past Life

An understated heavy hitter from Lone

9. Maxxi Soundsystem – Still Motion

There’s something about this one that I keep coming back to. It’s a simple song, but it makes me smile.

10. Dark Sky – Kilter

Dark Sky can always be counted upon to release some killer music… latest release no exception.