Why ‘Levitate’ is Lone’s best album yet


Lone is one of the most underrated (and under-appreciated) producers in the scene right now. I’ve been enamored with him since 2011 — so much so that I even remixed one of his tracks. But thankfully, his underground status (and rising appreciation from Azealia Banks) have yet to deter his insane level of output.

Levitate, his latest release, is a swirling, rave-tinged masterpiece with just the right amount of 8-bit nostalgia to keep you coming back for more. And I’m beyond stoked to hear him merging his chillwave/hip-hop roots with his newfound love for drum & bass.

In short, from the opening synth stabs of “Alpha Wheel” to the dreamy, ambient textures of “Hiraeth,” Levitate will take you on a trip you’ll never forget. I only wish it was about 60 minutes longer, but knowing Lone, he’s sure to drop a new EP next week.