Best of 2015: DJ Sets and Mixes

Mixes and sets are what make the electronic world go round. I don’t normally share them with you guys—this is Songs to Dance to after all—but I spend a large chunk of my time listening to them, zoning out to them, dancing to them, smiling to them, working to them, et cetera. Mixes are a great way to discover new music, both because of the DJ’s tastes and their friendships with producers who’ll slip them a track before release (sometimes years before they are available even, cough Joy Orbison cough).

There were thousands upon thousands of sets, mixes and podcasts this year, and I heard maybe 1% of them. Of that 1%, these are the 15 that I liked most. Enjoy.

S2D2 Vol. 48

Today is special because my best friend just had a baby. He is cute. You know how some newborns look like super gross aliens? He is not one of those. Yay. V, I hope this entertains you while you’re biding your time in the hospital.

Oh, also, I changed the website! Lemme know what you think.

OK, on to the music.

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