Deadmau5 – Strobe Remixes

One of the most popular electronic songs of all time gets the remix treatment, and all I have to say is yassssssssssss. “Strobe” is considered by many to be the pinnacle of electronic music, and certainly the pinnacle of deadmau5’s production. The song is just perfect, a 10 minute journey to progressive wonderland.

Feed Me, Com Truise, Dimension, Lane 8, and ATTLAS offer up remixes for the 100th release of deadmau5’s label mau5trap. Each one of them extremely talented producers, representing vastly different swaths of electronic music. Each remix is distinct, each producer crafting their own homage to “Strobe,” a track that lit up a generation of producers and music fans.

Feed Me‘s take starts off with the beat in place and a speedy buildup in contrast to the sloooowww buildup in the original. The drop is dope, and I’d expect nothing less from Feed Me. He plays with some truly heavy shit, gorgeous big-room weirdness, and then drops out everything else for a sonic exploration of those original, haunting synths, nursing the slowness, replicating the original and letting it shine for a few minutes, then brings it back up and in and fuckin bangs. There’s so much energy in this, it feels live, like he’s editing it on the fly in front of a crowd, fiddling with the knobs. A wonderful take on Strobe.

Com Truise takes it in a entirely different direction — a distorted, bass-driven beat resting at 88 beats per minute, futuristic and stylized almost beyond recognition until he brings in the original synths as a substitute for vocals. He’s created a completely different song, worked around remnants of the original, but still totally in keeping with the tone, that kind of dark beauty that “Strobe” captures so well.

Dimension is one of the best drum n bass artists right now, and at least partly responsible for bringing dnb back to the masses and out of the shadows where it was for quite a while. This is everything you want in a dnb remix of Strobe: bursting at the seams with energy, heavy-hitting, generous with the drops, complex percussion, layers upon layers of pristine production.

Lane 8 delivers a deep, seductive take on the original, preserving so much of it, subtly making it his own, but making it beat-driven right from the start. With just a fabulous (second) drop at around the 4:40 mark that brings it allllll home. The composition of the track as a whole is playful, and you can feel the joy of playing around with this track, one of the greatest ever.

ATTLAS is signed to mau5trap records and has been producing killer stuff so consistently. This track starts off pretty, all sparkly and shit, and rolls into a just stunningly beautiful take on Strobe. It’s atmospheric, with saturated, vibrating synths draped all around like sonic Christmas lights. It’s progressive, patiently introducing new elements so that each variation sends a shiver down your spine. When they make you wait for it, it feels so much better. Ok basically, this song is sex. <3


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S2D2 Vol 67

Hey, it’s June! Got a packet of interesting tunes to get your month started off right. Settle in.

1. Opiuo – Pumpernickel ft. Hypnotech
Opiuo just dropped a new album and I recommend checking it out. This song has a long, crunchy intro, shifting into a familiar, Opiuo-style groove around the halfway mark. One of the best producers of the west coast bass scene, Opiuo’s productions are always unique, and always evolving.

2. Redlight – Room Control
Another club banger from Redlight, woo. Definitely meant to be listened to on a system instead of headphones, if you can.

3. Vessels – Are You Trending?
Love the whole thing but especially the last third. Can’t wait to dance to this.

4. Al Kassian – Diamonds On Jupiter (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)
Totally got the Space Cowboys/Desert Hearts/Burningman vibe on this one. Lock in and move.

5. Freda – Amwa
That warm, luscious background, those sketchy beats, I’m in love.

6. Howling – Short Line
Loving everything Howling puts out, some seriously moody house music.

7. Umberto – Dawn of Mirrors
Really interesting track, and beautiful.

8. Deadmau5 – Slip (REZZ ReVision)
Take a sad song, and make it better… this revision is heavyyyy

9. Aphex Twin – Love 7
Aphex recently wiped most productions off his SoundCloud, but just threw up this gem, recorded in 2005.

10. Gacha Bakradze – Old Town By Night
Everything this guy puts out is gold.