S2D2 Vol 71

A happy, lighthearted, easy listening playlist, because the world sucks right now.

1. Ghost Town DJ’s – My Boo (Ownglow Bootleg)
One of my all time favorite songs, given a refresher by drum and bass producer Ownglow. Just a great excuse to listen to this song on repeat for days.

2. Sam Gellaitry – The Gateway
Genius future beat master is at it again with this wacky, beautiful, haunting production.

3. Al Green – Love & Happiness (JPOD Remix)
Because we all need a little more love & happiness in our lives.

4. Lords of Monza ft Yeallow – EveryDay (Lost In Disco Remix)
Chill, happy disco remix. Sunny summer afternoon style.

5. Hayden James – Just A Lover
One of my favorite producers, Hayden James makes the happiest dance music without an ounce of cheese.

6. Buz Ludzha – Positive Vibes
Muddy, groovy, with a riff that’ll get stuck in your head, in the best way.

7. Autarkic – I Know
The vocals sound soooo much like Underworld, I totally thought this was a new Underworld track when it was playing in the background. It has nothing to do with Underworld though, except for the heavy influence. There’s a bit of a Pulp influence in there, too…

8. Lehar – Magical Realism
Can’t have a S2D2 without a deep house track! Apparently. Well, this is a delightful tune. Let it build on you.

9. Andre Hommen – A.R.M.C (XLR8R Beatless Edit)
A wonderful rework of a wonderful song. Shoutout to the commenter who said “just add a beat and it’s done” on a beatless edit 😂

10. Moderat – Running (Tale of Us Remix)
Posted this on the blog a few weeks back when it was just a bootleg remix on YouTube that people guessed was Tale of Us. Now it’s officially out, and It. Is. So. Good.

S2D2 Vol 68

Got an eclectic group of awesome songs for you today.

1. A Tribe Called Red – Stadium Pow Wow ft. Black Bear
As someone who grew up around Native American culture, hearing this was kind of a mindfuck. This is really, really, really dope.

2. DJ Shadow – Bergschrund ft. Nils Frahm
All of these new Shadow tracks are fabulous. Cannot wait for this album to drop, if these first 3 songs are any indication it’s going to be his best release yet.

3. This Soft Machine – It’s Operational (CHIDA Remix)
One of those songs that wormed its way into my ear when it was playing into the background. I especially love the last third or so.

4. Hooverphonic – Badaboum (Alle Farben Remix)
A tight little pop track to get that head bobbin’.

5. Andre Hommen – Bassari People
Cannot wait to hear this on the dancefloor. Late night grooves.

6. Stimming – Alpe Lusia (Solomun’s Ring – The – Bell Remix)
A lighthearded tune to listen to on a sunny day… or a day you wish was sunny.

7. HONNE – Someone Who Loves You (Ben Pearce Remix)
HONNE is my go to for songs that make me feel things, and this remix from Ben Pearce adds a welcomed jolt of energy.

8. Bicep & Hammer – Aracari
A builder — totally worth the wait.

9. M.in & Pete Kaltenburg “Be A Better You” (Dosem Remix)
Those pulsing bass synths…

10. Audion – Timewarp
Matthew Dear just dropped a new album under his Audion alias. I’ve only listened to this song so far, but I’m already in love.