S2D2 Vol 75

1. XELARAIN – Coffee Shop

2. Flora Synthetica – Energy
Quite a unique track here! The intro is totally different than the bulk of the song, which is a bubbly, poppin’ house sound. Love the energy.

3. Kevin Anderson & RYBO – Jones’n
YUM, some banging tech house here, Burner-style. Can’t help but move to this one!

4. Jack Ü – Mind (Malaa Remix)
Malaa is making some of the best bangers right now and this song is soo hot

5. WRLD – By Design
Love all this sparkly drum n bass that’s been having its moment, it’s the best of both worlds: upbeat percussion and pretty noises!

6. Jacques Greene – You Can’t Deny
I have a large soft spot for Jacques Greene about the size of my heart. He makes some of the most delicious RnB/house stuff out there, and always keeps it interesting. Warm, but not cheesy. Different, but soothing.

7. Kim Ann Foxman – Give It All You Got
Deeeeep cuts from the queen of electronic

8. AMTRAC – No Order
Really loving all of this new Amtrac stuff. In particular the end of this one.

9. BONDI – Deep Shards
Deep and gorgeous, with the vocals done just right, this is gonna be on repeat for me.

10. Amateur Dance – You Give Me Butterflies
Last half is GORGEOUS

S2D2 Vol. 49

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US so I’ll be busy eating all of my mother’s cooking and making deviled eggs (yaassss) and getting really drunk. Aka, I will not be sending out an issue of S2D2. I will be making my mother listen to dance songs instead.

(Fun story: once I was with her in the car and I put on Death Cab’s Transatlanticism. After about a minute she goes, this is way too intense, can we put on something calmer? 😂)

Anyway, American friends, enjoy Thanksgiving. The rest of ya, feel free to join in by getting drunk and fat next Thursday. I’ll see y’all in December.

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