S2D2 Vol. 51

I think it’s pretty cool that out of 10 songs, 8 of these are original tracks. While I love remixes to the moon and back, all these original songs coming out show the true strength of the electronic talent these days.

This playlist is 11 tracks because I had to include the Soulwax remix of David Bowie’s “Heroes.” There’s not much to say about the man that hasn’t been said in the past week, so all I’m gonna say is that he was a special man and he will live on forever through the music that he inspired and the genres he affected and the way he made us feel.

He gave us permission to be weird when we needed it most, and it changed the world.
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S2D2 Vol. 48

Today is special because my best friend just had a baby. He is cute. You know how some newborns look like super gross aliens? He is not one of those. Yay. V, I hope this entertains you while you’re biding your time in the hospital.

Oh, also, I changed the website! Lemme know what you think.

OK, on to the music.

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