S2D2 Vol 98

1. Folamour – Ya Just Need 2 Believe In Yaself
This one makes me so happy — my favorite of the week.

2. Pépe – Linda’s Retreat
Great groove from the UK’s Pépe. Took a peek at his Twitter and he seems like a great guy!

3. Erik Luebs – Red C (Vessels remix)
Starts out good, and gets reallll good. Wild.

4. Skream – You Know, Right? (1991 Bootleg)
Mesmerizing remix of a classic track.

5. Sonikku – Dilemma (Garage Flip)
Real fun flip of a classic R&B groove. Fresh and sunny, just in time for spring.

6. Patrick Conway – Orbit (Pangaea Remix)
Quirky, nice little interlude.

7. FYI Chris – How To Ruin The World
Will calm any panic attack.

8. Phrased – Our Minds Partition
A real downtempo beat but I love it so much that I had to throw it in.

9. Braiden – Rapid Response
Real fun synth-work from Braiden, haven’t seen his name in a while. This one makes me wanna twirl around the room, Sound of Music style (but funkier).

10. Tourist Kid – Under Armour Suite
And we’ll cap it off with this stellllllar piece of music.