S2D2 Vol 93

1. Spooky – Little Bullet (Manse’s Breakneck Reconstruction Mix)

A high energy, high tech banger to get that blood pumping. I am so into this.

2. Bolis Pupul Wèi? 

Off Soulwax’s new label DeeWee, this is progressive disco at its most fun.

3. New Jackson – Electric Blue

This song is like a hybrid between late-Underworld and LCD Soundsystem, with a uber relaxing, blurry vocals and synths over an unforgiving bassline, resulting in a perfect late night groove, or driving tune.

4. Rimbaudian – Drop It On Em

I could dance to this beat for HOURS holy shit

5. Ben Hauke – She Moved To My Area

The lo-fi movement is going back to the roots of house music and I love it. Another stellar release from Church records.

6. Herb LF – Von Zeit Zu Zeit Seh’ Ich Den Alten Gern

Quite a mouthful of a title for the chillest track I’ve heard all week. Channel sunny days and happier times.

7. DJ Different – I Can’t

More classic house sounds, this one is endlessly soothing.

8. Mic Mills – Pig Of A Man

A lovely fusion of the broken up, hollowed out sounds of UK garage and glowing, atmospheric synths gives this track the perfect amount of angst.

9. Chelou – Halfway To Nowhere (Ross From Friends Remix)

A fabulous remix!

10. HOLOVR – Melody 4 Your Mind

As soon as I heard this, I knew it’d be a perfect closing track. Let go…