S2D2 Vol 88

1. Machinedrum – Angel Speak (Nina Las Vegas Remix)

We heard (and loved) the original track a few months ago, now for a Super Slappin Remix!

2. The Geek x Vrv – I Don’t Wanna Know ft. Mirror Signal (20syl Remix)

Tons of fun, courtesy of master remixer 20syl.

3. M44K – Mystvib 

Some classic disco/house styles here, giving off major pool party vibes. I see a mustachioed man in a Hawaiian shirt sweatin’ to the beat, sun dipping below the horizon. It’s an overwhelming vision. I want to dance with him!

4. Kid Mark – Jam Brown

A quick sample of Gil Scott-Heron (right?) to set the mood, then kicks into a light house groove. Is “light house” a thing? It is now. Just don’t call it lite, that’s gross. Anyway. This is classic house at its best: a simple concept wrapped up in rhythms, chopped and intuitive and built for dancing.

5. Can Ergun – Eukalyptus

This Turkish artist puts out gorgeous stuff from a swath of diff genres. He’s all over the map in a sense, but it’s consistently good, and always gorgeous. For this track, he goes for deep tech with a ton of atmosphere. Great use of vocals, and of course I love that groove.

6. Mark Reeve – Love You

This is my song of the week, I love it so much. I heard it in a mix a few weeks ago, loved it, couldn’t ID it, and then it popped up in my feed this week 🙌 This is going on the anti-anxiety playlist, lol

7. Boy Bianchi – Fireworks (Joris Voorn Remix)

Just another stunner from Joris Voorn <3

8. Lauren Lane – Forget To Remember

Bass-driven tech house, a straightforward affair. That bassline though……. I’ve definitely heard this out and about, because a) it’s totally the burner, 3am San Francisco style and b) I remember completely losing my shit to this at one point. Good times!

9. Dawn Again – Coloured Pens

A real interesting piece of music, with a wonderful bit of melodic arpeggio at the end as a treat!

10. Jayda G – Shake It All Down (Vocal Mix)

Sometimes vocal mixes are SO good, and this is one of those times. Stripped down & bouncy: catchy as fuck.