S2D2 Vol 81

1. Griz – Wicked (ft. Eric Krasno)
The new Griz album, Good Will Prevail, is out, and it is absolutely massive. This track in particular. Gorgeous, dripping with emotion, so real, so needed in these times we live in. This is like the soundtrack to the apocalypse. Goosebumps. Everywhere. I love you, Griz.

2. Skuls – Blok
Broken beats, heavy bass, distorted vocals, impeccable sound design, what more could you ask for?

3. Quay Dash – Shades On Top Down
Rapper Quay Dash spits on this great production from Hongsamman. A shining example of what can happen when hip hop and electronic work together. Really fun track.

4. Roche – Sity To Sky (Hotthobo Relish Edit)
One of those treasured songs that’s like equally great in the early morning and late at night. Can chill or groove to it. My happy place.

5. Enzo Siragusa – Figain
I heard this in a mix at some point and had no luck hunting it down. Thankfully, it popped up in my feed this week. Give this one a little time and you’ll be rewarded. A lighthearted dance tune.

6. Cold Miles – Silicon
Deep tech house at its finest. Basically, if the Noir label has their name on it, you can expect great things. I love this revival of old school, pulsing, heavy, dark techno that is just everywhere these days. Makes me wanna get all sweaty at a warehouse rave.

7. Undercatt – Venus
Some more deepness for ya, from Italian producers Undercatt. This is on Diynamic, another stellar label that’s always dependable. Sit back and let this one consume you.

8. Youandewan – Left on Lucy (ft. Huerta)
I’m a big fan of pretty much everything I hear from Youandewan. Just some of the most delightful, low-key dance music out there, consistently.

9. Junk Son – Picture (Ghost Culture Remix)
The atmosphere on this remix is on point. Layer after layer of synths, each one adding texture, creating a very full song that’ll just overwhelm you. Definitely see a bit of Maribou State influence here.

10. Max Cooper – Waves
The best for last? This track from Max Cooper is a slow meditation on sounds, and is just a fucking delight.