S2D2 Vol 79

Occasionally, I’ll skip a week of the S2D2 Thursday playlist/email and I send out a different playlist I’ve been working on instead. When I do this, it’s because I can’t find enough great songs to make a playlist for the week. Part of me feels lazy when I do this, but — good music does not come out on a regular schedule. It ebbs and flows. Sometimes there’s a ton of great releases all on the same day, and sometimes there’s nothing noteworthy for a week or two. And believe me, I spend a lot of time looking for music. I’ll throw in older songs too, but I like to keep it pretty fresh. Last week I skipped S2D2 and sent everyone a Songs To Chill To playlist. And I’m glad I did, because the music piled up, and this week’s is a DOOZY. It was hard as hell to narrow it down, which is always a good sign. Anyway, that’s my rambling way of telling you this week’s playlist is fucking great.

1. Big Makk & Sage Armstrong – Tabasco Sawce
Rest in peace, Big Makk. Thank you for your music! This song (like so many of his) is so. dope.

2. HNNY – Sneeze (Justin Jay Edit)
I still can’t get enough of Justin Jay. It’s kind of a dumb song, but fun as hell. His stuff is so energetic it makes me entertain the idea of using the word “dynamic”, which I’m usually against in all cases. I love that slowdown halfway through the track and then re-up of the tempo, whoo boy that’s gonna kill on the dancefloor.

3. Marquis Hawkes – Doornroosje
A bumper from Marquis Hawkes, a bit faster tempo than he usually plays with, and I’m into it. This is like techno meets disco, which, despite sounding like a strange combo, has been huge lately.

4. ANNA – When It Rains
Brazilian producer ANNA has dropped two songs off an upcoming EP, Artha, in the past week, and they are both superb. Pulsing upbeat tech-house right here. I get lost in this one. Title track “Artha” was released yesterday and is worth checking out as well.

5. Karmon – Outline
Loving this so much. Wow. A classic straightforward progressive track, it could honestly be made in any decade, and could be analog or digital. I know nothing about it, all I know is that I love it. Definitely reminds me of the stuff Simian Mobile Disco plays live (with a huge analog setup where they are twisting knobs and moving cords around on some boxes that are bigger than they are, it’s fucking awesome). Just wait too, it starts off great and gets even better. Massive.

6. Man vs Indian Man – Ice Accountant (Pontchartrain Remix)
This track perfectly strikes the balance between being catchy and high-quality production. No cheese here, just good summer fun. Love those keys!

7. Raf Rundell – Right Time
One half of 2 Bears, Raf Rundell just released his first solo track, off an upcoming album, The Adventures of Selfie Boy. This is a chill poolside song, perfect for that end of summer glow. I can see myself listening to this all autumn.

8. Infinity Ink – Full Capacity (Joris Voorn Remix)
Another fantastic remix from Joris Voorn. Killer groove, gorgeous bridge/buildups!

9. Fur Coat – Interstellar
Fur Coat can do no wrong in my book. This track is deep and dark, with glimmers of light, a slow-burner, give it time and it’ll reward you.

10. Ost & Kjex – Heatwave
Really enjoying this song. At almost ten minutes long it’s a good one to ease you off onto your day. As per usual with tracks this long, the last few minutes is the best part.