S2D2 Vol 75

1. XELARAIN – Coffee Shop

2. Flora Synthetica – Energy
Quite a unique track here! The intro is totally different than the bulk of the song, which is a bubbly, poppin’ house sound. Love the energy.

3. Kevin Anderson & RYBO – Jones’n
YUM, some banging tech house here, Burner-style. Can’t help but move to this one!

4. Jack Ü – Mind (Malaa Remix)
Malaa is making some of the best bangers right now and this song is soo hot

5. WRLD – By Design
Love all this sparkly drum n bass that’s been having its moment, it’s the best of both worlds: upbeat percussion and pretty noises!

6. Jacques Greene – You Can’t Deny
I have a large soft spot for Jacques Greene about the size of my heart. He makes some of the most delicious RnB/house stuff out there, and always keeps it interesting. Warm, but not cheesy. Different, but soothing.

7. Kim Ann Foxman – Give It All You Got
Deeeeep cuts from the queen of electronic

8. AMTRAC – No Order
Really loving all of this new Amtrac stuff. In particular the end of this one.

9. BONDI – Deep Shards
Deep and gorgeous, with the vocals done just right, this is gonna be on repeat for me.

10. Amateur Dance – You Give Me Butterflies
Last half is GORGEOUS