S2D2 Vol 67

Hey, it’s June! Got a packet of interesting tunes to get your month started off right. Settle in.

1. Opiuo – Pumpernickel ft. Hypnotech
Opiuo just dropped a new album and I recommend checking it out. This song has a long, crunchy intro, shifting into a familiar, Opiuo-style groove around the halfway mark. One of the best producers of the west coast bass scene, Opiuo’s productions are always unique, and always evolving.

2. Redlight – Room Control
Another club banger from Redlight, woo. Definitely meant to be listened to on a system instead of headphones, if you can.

3. Vessels – Are You Trending?
Love the whole thing but especially the last third. Can’t wait to dance to this.

4. Al Kassian – Diamonds On Jupiter (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)
Totally got the Space Cowboys/Desert Hearts/Burningman vibe on this one. Lock in and move.

5. Freda – Amwa
That warm, luscious background, those sketchy beats, I’m in love.

6. Howling – Short Line
Loving everything Howling puts out, some seriously moody house music.

7. Umberto – Dawn of Mirrors
Really interesting track, and beautiful.

8. Deadmau5 – Slip (REZZ ReVision)
Take a sad song, and make it better… this revision is heavyyyy

9. Aphex Twin – Love 7
Aphex recently wiped most productions off his SoundCloud, but just threw up this gem, recorded in 2005.

10. Gacha Bakradze – Old Town By Night
Everything this guy puts out is gold.