S2D2 Vol. 45

This week I’ve got some dope music for you. Starting off with this incredible collab between ZHU (of “Faded” fame) and the one and only Bone Thugs N Harmony. I mean, come on guys, you aren’t being fair to the other songs out there.

There is a fire Mary J. Blige remix. Is there anything better than a fire Mary J. Blige remix? No, there is not. It starts out pretty good and fun, but when it all comes together around 2:25 is SO GOOD. If someone dropped this at the club I would lose my fucking mind. I feel drunk just thinking about it.

There’s a song “Freedom” by a duo called MANT, who I’d never heard of before. It premiered on Pete Tong radio but they only have 500 followers on SC! I predict they will blow up. This song makes me feel good. If you look near the end of the song, you will see my comment on there, “This song makes me happy!”

So apparently the beloved YouTube channel Eton Messy is now a record label and this song “Fading Away” by LIMITS is one of their first releases. Well, good fucking choice. At first when I heard this I was like “eh.” But I left it on and it took me on a ride. It’s both familiar and unique at the same time. It’s that weird synth in there that brings it all together to make a fantastic track.

The most important track is smack in the middle: Nicolas Jaar’s unbelievable new song “Fight.” This guy is a genius, as we all know. This song gets better each time I listen to it. Last night I heard it in my car for the first time and it blew my mind. The layers, the different pieces working together, when it surrounds you like it does in a car, it’s fucking unreal. I recommend listening to this on a good system or with good headphones. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

I’d never heard of this guy Andre Crom, but this remix and the original popped up this week and I am so in love. I had to listen to each about 20 times to decide which version to throw in here, and I went with the remix. But check out the original mix too. This is one of those songs that you want to call trance-y because it’ll put you in a trance but you can’t because trance is a genre and have robbed everyone else from using that term. This problem surfaces for me more often than you’d think.

I didn’t remember NiCe7 at first but SoundCloud tells me I’ve liked their stuff for a long time. This song is a great example of the massive tech house sounds that have been coming out lately. Also, there have been a lot of songs lately that have a hint of Daft Punk’s Da Funk. It’s weird. Or I’m weird. Probably both.

There’s a new Soy Sauce track out, “Gravity Waves.” I’ve included their stuff before, and I’m a huge, huge fan. They call this “chill trap” but it’s more synth based than percussion based. It’s one of those not-a-banger bangers.

And for our weekly dose of pop, Autograf’s “Running” is in there. They are so fun, and so hit or miss. Some of their stuff is a little too pop without enough substance, but this track hits it right on the money.

To round it off, I’ve got a Soul Clap remix of Marcus Wyatt. Soul Clap is just so great. This song has a message and I approve of the message.