Mix For Your Weekend: Worthy – Deep House Amsterdam #226


Fucking rockin’ mix from Worthy!

Over the years, Worthy has dropped some of my favorites sets of all time, live or otherwise. Luckily we live in the same city so I’ve gotten to see him DJ quite a bit (and even met/fondled him in the cramped Mezzanine smoking section a few times), but I especially remember a very special afternoon set at Coachella at the Do Lab, where he caused our entire crew of 20+ to lose their damn minds. It was the only set all weekend where we were all together, and Worthy fucking brought it. I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun, before or since.

In this mix Worthy goes full San Francisco tech house — a rapid pace, slapping basslines that groove for eons, shuffling, sketchy percussion, and build-ups that reward with an even doper beat — party music, in other words. Party in the streets music. Honestly, I listen to Worthy and I just want to be at a SF street party like How Weird or Breakfast of Champions, dancing in the streets, everybody weird, everybody vibing so hard to the DJ’s grooves, everybody dancing their heart out because you can’t not.


Simone Vitulio – Stabs
Yamil – House for the People
Renato Cohen – Suddenly Funk
Frederique – Talk
Worthy & Nick Olivetti – Fadded
Ocsav – Acting Like
Middath – Aw Damm
Shakecraft & Kamereon – Sweat
Aldo Cadiz – Glitches (Detlef Remix)
Artenviefalt – Do Your Thang
Ray Foxx & LO99 – Volts
Nicky Night Time – Lose Control
Chklte – Truk
Adam Port & Here is Why – Tonight (Adam Port 12 Autobahn Edit)
Zimmer& Pallace – Saturday Love (Doorly Remix)

Mix For Your Weekend: Ekali – Too Future Guest Mix



Happy Friday! Get your weekend started right with this fiery, energetic mix from bass-head Ekali featuring a ton of exclusives, unreleased tracks, and of course, a hearty heaping of bangin’ drops.


Rufus X What So Not X Flume – Neverbloom (Ekali Remake)
Quix – Laundry
Cray – BTFU
EPROM – Hurricane
Josh Pan X EXPLORE x Mo Vibes – Killshot
Rustie – Big Catzzz (Porter Robinson Edit)
Jack U X Flume X Rustie – Slasherr / Febreze (Ekali Edit)
Skrillex – Cinema (Luca Lush Remix)
graves & Coolights – Say Things (Crankdat Remix)
G Jones – ID (Unreleased)
What So Not – Gemini (Ekali Remix)
Slumberjack – Enigma VIP (Unreleased)
Ivy Lab – Deus
Baauer – Sow
Quix X Instant Party X ODB – Caviar / Shimmy (Ekali Edit)
Porter Robinson – Natural Light (San Holo Remix)
Jack U X Keith Ape – It G Mind (Ekali & Gravez Re-remix)

Mix For Your Weekend: Jengi Beats – Koninkrijk van Muziek mix

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, and this 20 year-old producer from The Netherlands has the skills to back it all up. This mix is the perfect fire-starter to kick your mood up a notch, and you’ll be enamored with the way Jengi Beats seamlessly transitions from Destiny’s Child re-works to 90’s hits (released before he was even born!!) and more. Oh, and he even manages to throw in a few tracks from my personal fav Kaytranada — who has clearly influenced Jengi’s sound. My only complaint: I wish this mix was an hour longer! Give it a listen below.