Burial – Young Death / Nightmarket


Burial dropped two new tracks via the Hyperdub label over the weekend! After the 12″ was accidentally sold at a record store in Toronto on Black Friday, they released it a little early.

Burial is the king of “deconstructed club music,” as he likes to call it. He takes the sounds of the UK club scene, goes home, and distills them into gorgeous, ambient, lo-fi music that soothes the soul.

“Young Death” is similar to his more recent stuff, with haunting vocals that drift around and in and out, like snowflakes falling from the sky, thicker and thicker, swirling through the calm.

“Nightmarket” is my personal favorite of the two. It reminds me a little of Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy soundtrack — it’s definitely got that futuristic, galactic vibe with that reverb.