Autograf – Changes (Tribute)

A lovely tribute to Barack Obama, the best president I’ve ever known. For my generation, Obama’s greatest gift to us was hope. After coming of age under George Bush, we needed something to believe in. And whatever you think about Obama, he believes in this country. He believes in us. And he believes in an America that marches constantly towards progress and inclusiveness. For me, and a lot of people I know, Obama inspired me to believe in my country again, that no matter how dark the days seem ahead, change — and progress — and hope — is always possible. Watching Obama’s farewell speech the other night (which inspired Autograf to make this song), I suddenly felt like I was a teenager again, watching Obama’s 2004 speech, transported back to a time when I felt equally helpless and anguished. And his words came through, and lifted me up — and lifted all of us up. Because it doesn’t matter if you believed in Obama. He believed in you. In all of us. And for eight years, he fought for us.