S2D2 Vol 93

1. Spooky – Little Bullet (Manse’s Breakneck Reconstruction Mix)

A high energy, high tech banger to get that blood pumping. I am so into this.

2. Bolis Pupul Wèi? 

Off Soulwax’s new label DeeWee, this is progressive disco at its most fun.

3. New Jackson – Electric Blue

This song is like a hybrid between late-Underworld and LCD Soundsystem, with a uber relaxing, blurry vocals and synths over an unforgiving bassline, resulting in a perfect late night groove, or driving tune.

4. Rimbaudian – Drop It On Em

I could dance to this beat for HOURS holy shit

5. Ben Hauke – She Moved To My Area

The lo-fi movement is going back to the roots of house music and I love it. Another stellar release from Church records.

6. Herb LF – Von Zeit Zu Zeit Seh’ Ich Den Alten Gern

Quite a mouthful of a title for the chillest track I’ve heard all week. Channel sunny days and happier times.

7. DJ Different – I Can’t

More classic house sounds, this one is endlessly soothing.

8. Mic Mills – Pig Of A Man

A lovely fusion of the broken up, hollowed out sounds of UK garage and glowing, atmospheric synths gives this track the perfect amount of angst.

9. Chelou – Halfway To Nowhere (Ross From Friends Remix)

A fabulous remix!

10. HOLOVR – Melody 4 Your Mind

As soon as I heard this, I knew it’d be a perfect closing track. Let go…

S2D2 Vol 91

1. Folamour – Each Day Is A First Day

French producer Folamour drops this downright delightful cut of warm, organic, house music. This song will bring some sun to even the most miserable winter days.

2. Chaos In The CBD – United Identities

One of four sultry chill house tracks on their new record label, In Dust We Trust. This track is stimulating in like, the calmest way possible.

3. Z Lovecraft – Myriad

Endlessly soothing acid house out of London. Polished, warm, muted = blissed out.

4. Supreems – Us Together

From Belgian producer Supreems comes a gorgeous, slow-burning, slice of a dreamy, hazy wonderland. Supreme, indeed.

5. Sporting Life – Sport X Frank Ocean – Florida State

Put on headphones and drown in this one.

6. k2k – We Down For

I’m a sucker for Brandy vocals and R&B infused dance tunes. k2k is a graduate from Red Bull Music Academy (a school that consistently spits out brilliant producers, and is a massive supportive force in the underground scene)

7. Blo — Strong(er)

Virtually unknown London producer Blo with a stunning piece of music that hits all the right notes – warm, swirling synths, broken, pattering percussion, and an acid groove that breaks down amidst soulful, heavy vocals. In the last act it all comes together and I just wanna dance.

8. Norwell – Citadel

A pulsing, futuristic track that has that kind of electronic grit that would fit right in on a Blade Runner soundtrack. Or Tron, now that I think about it.

9. Voiski – Let Down Disco

More galactic house for ya, my new favorite genre (that I made up). Could also call this progressive disco, haha. Love the groove, love the way the rhythms and synths unfold. By the end, I just wanna rage – the mark of a great progressive track.

10. Andrew Red Hand – Symphony Nr 303

Let’s finish this mix off with a relentless piece of acid house that’ll get your heart racing. Twelve minutes of fun, groovy times.


S2D2 Vol 90

1. Autograf – Changes (Tribute)
A beautiful song inspired by Barack Obama’s farewell speech. I wrote a bit about it here.

2. Baba Stiltz – Baby
Been loving the warm, organic music from Baba Stiltz. This track is a bit more polished than his usual lo-fi stuff, resulting in a sweet and simple piece of pop music.

3. Johannes Albert – Dancefloors & You
I’ve been listening to this one quite a bit, it’s perfect lounge music.

4. Simon Garcia – Trimmer
The atmosphere on this one…whew! Like a big bear hug, cozy and safe and warm.

5. Cherushii – Cabo Blanco
Cherushii was one of the beautiful souls lost in the Oakland fire last month. She will live on through her music, which is wonderful.

6. Louf – Hiccup
Vocals chopped up beyond recognition, layered over soothing, moody synths, this track is oozing with emotion.

7. Leo Grünbaum – Bloom feat. Aerial East
Absolutely gorgeous vocals, and expert mixing, take this deep house cut to the next level.

8. Speed Boat – Speed Tool 001
Another quiet track, muted and entrancing.

9. ebende – BANG!
My favorite track on this week’s playlist. Love the playfulness with styles and genres, there’s so much going on.

10. The Black Madonna – He Is The Voice I Hear
A tech house groove that could go on for dayssssss from the queen of electronic, The Black Madonna.