Songs To Dance To is a music blog and weekly newsletter. We find all of the dopest electronic music out there, so all you have to do is enjoy.

Bass, beats, funk, disco, future, dubstep, trap, dnb, bangers, techno, house, and everything good.

S2D2 was born out of a love for music and sharing it with my friends. After years of giving personalized recommendations out, I figured I’d make it official with a weekly newsletter of 10 great songs, and Songs to Dance to was born in October 2014.

In spring 2016, I wanted to expand on the original idea outside of the weekly playlist and started blogging about songs, mixes, albums on a regular basis. I brought in Mallory, and she’s been contributing great stuff for the blog that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

We’re always looking for more contributors, so send me an email if you want to share your favorite music with the S2D2 fam.

the team:

Founder/Editor: Jessie Wood, San Francisco

I fell in love with electronic music the way many people in my generation did: at a rave. In 2006. Where Above & Beyond played. I danced, and I had the time of my life. That was the beginning of my love affair. 10 years later and it’s going strong. When the song hits that perfect note for your mood, and the universe dissolves, and it’s just the music and you, and all else is gone: that’s the dream.

When I’m not listening to music, writing about music, or finding new music, I’m a freelance copywriter and all-around marketer for startups. I read, I watch sports, I talk shit with my friends, and I go to a lot of shows.

Fav producers/DJs include: Bicep, Lane 8, Joris Voorn, CharlestheFirst, Tuff City Kids, Tale of Us, Kornel Kovacs, Jamie xx, Griz, Justin Jay, Bob Moses, Boys Noize, Dusky, Tourist, Mount Kimbie, Four Tet, Nicolas Jaar, etc.

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Contributor: Mallory Johns Meinero, New York

Mallory spends her days heading up social media for the tech publication and her nights writing electronic music, playing piano and listening to copious amounts of music.

Fav producers include: Lone, Moon Boots, Todd Terje

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Partnerships: Aaron Holland, Los Angeles

Aaron runs multiple companies and is a fab person. A former DJ in college, Aaron’s been entrenched in the electronic scene for 10 years. Now living in LA, Aaron spends his time going to shows, rocking SF hats, and looking fly with his girlfriend.

Fav producers include: Nate Holland, Astronomar, Bot

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