2 Years of Songs To Dance To!

Songs To Dance To is two years old! It started as a humble email list, a way to share songs I love with my friends. Two years later, it is still a humble email list where I share songs I love with my friends and a few hundred strangers.

We’ve been blogging on the site for about 6 months, posting every day about great songs, mixes, albums, and artists that catch our eye. Around that time I welcomed Mallory, cool New Yorker and fellow music nerd, into the fold as a contributor to the blog. She does this for free because she’s awesome: she loves music and wants to share it. (By the way, if you want to be a contributor, send me an email!) It’s been great to have her on board and we are scheming on big things for the future.

I want to say a very sincere thank you to everyone who reads my inane ramblings about music, listens to the S2D2 playlist, reads the blog, and especially to the people who reach out with love and feedback. It means a lot that people are still paying attention after all this time. If you like S2d2, I’d like to ask that you please share it with a couple of people (or the entire internet, whatevs).

To celebrate two years of S2D2, I made a grand playlist encompassing all of my favorite songs that I’ve sent to you. I hope you enjoy it. Time to dance.