Kornél Kovács – The Bells

Kornél Kovács drops some heat in the lead-up to his long-awaited debut album, The Bells. This track is also “The Bells,” and it is another sign that the upcoming LP will launch him from the underground into the less-underground, with a flourish. I’ve been a huge fan of his for a few years now, and his consistency and the volume of work he has produced since 2014 — creative, genre-pushing electronic music that pleases the ear, the heart, and the dancefloor — all of this will continue catapult him to fame. Because no one is doing it like KK.

I hope he continues to make spectacular music for years to come, but for now I will enjoy his offerings, which are grand.

Listen, and move, because this track begs you to:

Cavalier – UNIVERSE


I already thought Cavalier was a genius but “UNIVERSE” just takes his production to another level. An 8 minute journey through the universe. Beautiful + bassy + that special Cavalier touch = a win in my book. The track dips in and out of different grooves, but the seams are flawless.

This song is flawless.


^ Also, cop the free download!

Send me music


I wanted to post a song or mix today, because I’m trying to post once a day on the blog. But even though I’ve spent quite a bit of time this week browsing SoundCloud, Spotify, primary.fm and Hype Machine, I feel like this week has been pretty dry for dope new music. It happens. Some weeks are slow. It’s late in the summer and musicians have released their summer tunes, people are heading to Burningman or their last festival of the season before fall starts and everyone heads back to the studio, or off on a new tour.

SO. Here’s where you come in: send me a song or mix or artist that you’ve been digging this week.

Doesn’t have to be new, could be something that you recently discovered. Can be any genre. The only rule is: you really, really like it.

Email me or tweet me or something



S2D2 Vol 76

Howdy, folks! Well, not too much new music has come out the past couple of weeks — it was hard to find 10 great songs! But I did it. Enjoy!

1. Wood Holly & Sage Armstrong – Ass out (Woody’s Assid VIP Mix)
A banger to start this week off with some energy. Love this remix.

2. Fatboy Slim – Star69 (Sam Skilz WTF Rework)
Everyone has been into the Fatboy Slim remixes lately. This one is fire.

3. Tiga – Blondes Have More Fun (Jonas Rathsman Remix)
This track got a couple of remixes this week, from Rathsman and The Black Madonna. This remix is my standout track of the week, I can’t stop listening to it!

4. Kauf – A Ruin (Man Power Remix)
A really nice background track!

5. Foreign Guest – Lenitas
Foreign Guest just dropped a stunning 2 song release. I wrote about “Gloria” earlier this week on the blog, so I just had to include this other one in the playlist. Haunting melody — cannot get it out of my head, in the best way.

6. Skream – Munk
Skream has been making some really top tier tech-house the past year. Love this track. Give it a bit of time to get going.

7. The Butcha – 99 Prince St. (Matrixxman Acidized Mix)
Acid house is truly in the middle of a revival, everyone is on this bandwagon. This one is chill and full of vibes.

8. Maxine & Cleo – Celestial Frame of Mind
A supremely chill house track. Dancing in my chair to this one.

9. Jengi Beats – I Got It
Love this summer beat!

10. Can Ergun – My Love
This gorgeous track is the perfect way to send this playlist off on a happy note.