S2D2 Vol 88

1. Machinedrum – Angel Speak (Nina Las Vegas Remix)

We heard (and loved) the original track a few months ago, now for a Super Slappin Remix!

2. The Geek x Vrv – I Don’t Wanna Know ft. Mirror Signal (20syl Remix)

Tons of fun, courtesy of master remixer 20syl.

3. M44K – Mystvib 

Some classic disco/house styles here, giving off major pool party vibes. I see a mustachioed man in a Hawaiian shirt sweatin’ to the beat, sun dipping below the horizon. It’s an overwhelming vision. I want to dance with him!

4. Kid Mark – Jam Brown

A quick sample of Gil Scott-Heron (right?) to set the mood, then kicks into a light house groove. Is “light house” a thing? It is now. Just don’t call it lite, that’s gross. Anyway. This is classic house at its best: a simple concept wrapped up in rhythms, chopped and intuitive and built for dancing.

5. Can Ergun – Eukalyptus

This Turkish artist puts out gorgeous stuff from a swath of diff genres. He’s all over the map in a sense, but it’s consistently good, and always gorgeous. For this track, he goes for deep tech with a ton of atmosphere. Great use of vocals, and of course I love that groove.

6. Mark Reeve – Love You

This is my song of the week, I love it so much. I heard it in a mix a few weeks ago, loved it, couldn’t ID it, and then it popped up in my feed this week 🙌 This is going on the anti-anxiety playlist, lol

7. Boy Bianchi – Fireworks (Joris Voorn Remix)

Just another stunner from Joris Voorn <3

8. Lauren Lane – Forget To Remember

Bass-driven tech house, a straightforward affair. That bassline though……. I’ve definitely heard this out and about, because a) it’s totally the burner, 3am San Francisco style and b) I remember completely losing my shit to this at one point. Good times!

9. Dawn Again – Coloured Pens

A real interesting piece of music, with a wonderful bit of melodic arpeggio at the end as a treat!

10. Jayda G – Shake It All Down (Vocal Mix)

Sometimes vocal mixes are SO good, and this is one of those times. Stripped down & bouncy: catchy as fuck.

Burial – Young Death / Nightmarket


Burial dropped two new tracks via the Hyperdub label over the weekend! After the 12″ was accidentally sold at a record store in Toronto on Black Friday, they released it a little early.

Burial is the king of “deconstructed club music,” as he likes to call it. He takes the sounds of the UK club scene, goes home, and distills them into gorgeous, ambient, lo-fi music that soothes the soul.

“Young Death” is similar to his more recent stuff, with haunting vocals that drift around and in and out, like snowflakes falling from the sky, thicker and thicker, swirling through the calm.

“Nightmarket” is my personal favorite of the two. It reminds me a little of Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy soundtrack — it’s definitely got that futuristic, galactic vibe with that reverb.

Mix For Your Week: Theo Kottis – WHP16 #008

Theo Kottis has been getting a lot of attention this year for his stellar releases on Moda Black and Arjunadeep. And while his stuff can mostly be labeled deep house, he’s not just another guy making deep house. His stuff has a maturity and depth of emotion that keeps me coming back for more.

This mix shows off his ear as a DJ. He weaves through sounds so smoothly, and every move is tight and precise. It’s got a great flow while featuring a diverse set of tracks.

S2D2 Vol 87

1. Marvin Gaye – What’s Goin On (Andy Caldwell’s Love Trumps Hate Remix)
Andy Caldwell, our hero!

2. Kllo – Walls To Build (Mall Grab Remix)
Kllo makes R&B synth pop, perfect fodder for remixes. Mall Grab puts this one to a house beat, perfectly preserving the mood of the original while adding his own gentle touch, of shimmering synths and delicate effects.

3. Studio Cross – Our Era
Chill, deep tech house with a touch of trance, and of course some philosophical vocals for good measure. This one soothes the soul, makes the body wanna dance.

4. Maceo Plex – Love On Time
Slappin’ techno from Maceo Plex, who’s gearing up to release a new album. If this is supposed to get me excited, it worked.

5. Lord RAJA – Fox Den
Love the beat on this one – every element in the track serves as percussion, making for a bangin’ tune.

6. Deltawork – Sample
Amsterdam producers Applescal and Polynation have a new collaboration called Deltawork, and I am in love. Wow. Let this one sit, and it’ll blow you away.

7. Gnork – U
I’ve been really digging the stuff coming out on Magicwire. Unique, gorgeous electronic music that’s pretty much impossible to categorize.

8. TOKiMONSTA – Wound Up (CRi Remix)
I’m not surprised that CRi remixed a TOKi track, since she’s the one who introduced me to them back in the spring (via her SoundCloud). I’ve been obsessed ever since. Catchy, emotive, and full.

9. Teachers – Mannequin In Heat (Pearson Sound’s Melted Mix)
A slow, moody piece of music that gives way to gorgeous drifting synth work.

10. POLO & Brothel – Zeta Reticuli
A stunning piece of music from producers POLO and Brothel. The perfect way to go out this week. Take care of yourself.

The xx – On Hold


The xx release their first song since 2012’s Coexist. “On Hold” is bold and beautiful, a song that shows off the trio’s growth as producers and musicians. The characteristic, soothing vocals are there, over a melancholy but endlessly dancey beat. This is tighter production than I’ve heard from The xx, and you can hear the influence of Jamie xx’s growing maturity and confidence.

This song is like a hug from an old friend, and I think we all could use a hug right now.