Jacques Greene – Afterglow


Jacques Greene, lord of soulful electronic music, is back at it with “Afterglow.” Those familiar, warm female vocals over shimmering synths, muted bass, percussive breakdowns, and a groove you can lose yourself in — this is vintage Jacques Greene right here.

His genius is how he strikes a balance between sweet, warm, beautiful music, and intellectual, high quality production.

Once you fall in love with him, check out some of his other beautiful music, like “Quicksand,” “Arrow,” “Another Girl,” and his remix of Cassie’s “Must Be Love” (basically the pinnacle of R&B house, imo).

Mix For Your Weekend: Worthy – Deep House Amsterdam #226


Fucking rockin’ mix from Worthy!

Over the years, Worthy has dropped some of my favorites sets of all time, live or otherwise. Luckily we live in the same city so I’ve gotten to see him DJ quite a bit (and even met/fondled him in the cramped Mezzanine smoking section a few times), but I especially remember a very special afternoon set at Coachella at the Do Lab, where he caused our entire crew of 20+ to lose their damn minds. It was the only set all weekend where we were all together, and Worthy fucking brought it. I don’t think I’ve ever had that much fun, before or since.

In this mix Worthy goes full San Francisco tech house — a rapid pace, slapping basslines that groove for eons, shuffling, sketchy percussion, and build-ups that reward with an even doper beat — party music, in other words. Party in the streets music. Honestly, I listen to Worthy and I just want to be at a SF street party like How Weird or Breakfast of Champions, dancing in the streets, everybody weird, everybody vibing so hard to the DJ’s grooves, everybody dancing their heart out because you can’t not.


Simone Vitulio – Stabs
Yamil – House for the People
Renato Cohen – Suddenly Funk
Frederique – Talk
Worthy & Nick Olivetti – Fadded
Ocsav – Acting Like
Middath – Aw Damm
Shakecraft & Kamereon – Sweat
Aldo Cadiz – Glitches (Detlef Remix)
Artenviefalt – Do Your Thang
Ray Foxx & LO99 – Volts
Nicky Night Time – Lose Control
Chklte – Truk
Adam Port & Here is Why – Tonight (Adam Port 12 Autobahn Edit)
Zimmer& Pallace – Saturday Love (Doorly Remix)

S2D2 Vol 84

Feel good.

1. Beck – Wow (TOKiMONSTA Remix)
A fun remix from LA basshead TOKiMONSTA. She balances that quirkiness of Beck with the mainstream bass sound, resulting in a song that has wide appeal without being stale — just begging to be played on repeat.

2. Lee Foss – Deep Congo
Loving the groove on this deep house cut from Hot Creations founder / Hot Natured member Lee Foss. Classic house with a 2016 twist and a walking bassline makes this fresh for daysss.

3. Mall Grab – I Just Wanna
Percussive, bassy, classic soul house? Yes please! Mall Grab makes this shit seem effortless. There’s something to please everyone in this lovely, energetic track and I just wanna dance around the room (no pun intended).

4. Luttrell – And Back
Eric Luttrell, one half of The M Machine, has an EP out, and this song is grand. Atmospheric and beautiful, but oh so groovy. Anjunadeep has been releasing some damn good music lately.

5. Boxed In – Forget (George FitzGerald Remix)
George FitzGerald packs so much emotion in his productions. Time after time, his stuff always makes me feel, sometimes viscerally. Somewhat melancholy but with wonder and beauty, so it’s a sweet kind of sadness.

6. Mark Reeve – Love You
You can feel the love in this one. Really well done.

7. Kidnap Kid – Mist
Kidnap Kid continues to experiment with his style, and this is a great deep house take. I always felt that his production was better than his taste, for lack of a better term, and it seems like his taste is maturing, finally giving his production skills a chance to shine.

8. Roberto – Lunar Waves
Someone is having fun with a new synthesizer! Layers of summer synths over an upbeat bassline, and that riff that starts around the 2:00 mark brings in a really nice energy for the rest of the track, as the layers slither in and out, the beat breaks down, and the song ends up in like a galactic jazz club, I dig.

9. B. Bravo – Energy
A lovely future bass downtempo track, also featuring a bit of space jazz. Love the way the vocals are distorted and then layered over each other, creating a rich, poignant sound.

10. Artifakts – Stellar
So apparently I commented “stellar” on this song without even realizing it’s called “Stellar.” Speaks for itself, I think.

Barclay Crenshaw – Sleepy Kids


Barclay Crenshaw, aka Claude VonStroke, drops his first song, “Sleepy Kids” under his real name. It’s a departure from the usual CVS style we all know and love, swapping out the four-to-the-floor beat of house music in favor of an ambient, key driven track, shiny and lovely and packing some real emotion under the surface. Barclay is experimenting and I am excited!