S2D2 Vol 99

1. Oli Furness – You Can Win

We’ll start the week off on an upbeat note with some straight up disco… dreamin’ of better times and sunny dance sessions

2. Levemir – Saturday Twin

And keep the vibes going with this delightful tune — love the energy on this one.

3. Blo – Hanwei Forge Practical Katana

Blo is a recent discovery, and I am all about it.

4. Imre Kiss – Shadow Universe


5. Loure – VUE

Beautiful stuff. A bit of jazz horn, a dash of soulful vocals, and some serene synths in a symbiotic relationship.

6. Royer – clqsse2 (simpleversion)

The chillest thing you’ll hear all week. Love those gentle synths… like an angel’s beating wings…lol

7. Nackt & Michael Claus – Grey Skies

Nackt was one of the artists who died in the Ghost Ship fire. I’m wondering if Michael Claus finished it up for him, or if they were collaborating from the beginning. Either way, it’s a fabulous track. Some real Bay Area acid vibes, with a modern slant.

8. Lone – From A Past Life

An understated heavy hitter from Lone

9. Maxxi Soundsystem – Still Motion

There’s something about this one that I keep coming back to. It’s a simple song, but it makes me smile.

10. Dark Sky – Kilter

Dark Sky can always be counted upon to release some killer music… latest release no exception.

S2D2 Vol 98

1. Folamour – Ya Just Need 2 Believe In Yaself
This one makes me so happy — my favorite of the week.

2. Pépe – Linda’s Retreat
Great groove from the UK’s Pépe. Took a peek at his Twitter and he seems like a great guy!

3. Erik Luebs – Red C (Vessels remix)
Starts out good, and gets reallll good. Wild.

4. Skream – You Know, Right? (1991 Bootleg)
Mesmerizing remix of a classic track.

5. Sonikku – Dilemma (Garage Flip)
Real fun flip of a classic R&B groove. Fresh and sunny, just in time for spring.

6. Patrick Conway – Orbit (Pangaea Remix)
Quirky, nice little interlude.

7. FYI Chris – How To Ruin The World
Will calm any panic attack.

8. Phrased – Our Minds Partition
A real downtempo beat but I love it so much that I had to throw it in.

9. Braiden – Rapid Response
Real fun synth-work from Braiden, haven’t seen his name in a while. This one makes me wanna twirl around the room, Sound of Music style (but funkier).

10. Tourist Kid – Under Armour Suite
And we’ll cap it off with this stellllllar piece of music.

S2D2 Vol 95

1. LAARS – Lysar

Man, if this one doesn’t get your body moving, get yourself to a doctor! Love the rhythm on this, endlessly entertaining.

2. Lee Foss – Laserdance

And right into another upbeat groove, I’ve been rocking this one all week. So fun!

3. Tom DeMac – Muyu

This guy is all over the place, experimenting with different sounds and styles. This song is darker than his other stuff I’ve heard, a straight up club pulser.

4. Agents of Time – Lower World

Acid inspired tech house, this one has also got a great groove.

5. Tiga – Eye Luv U (Butch’s 80’s Warehouse Acid Remix)

Some real nice acid house right here.

6. SpectraSoul – Beat Keeps 

A superb piece of drum n bass from SpectraSoul, he’s got quite the touch. So heavy, but like, oddly soothing. Fab.

7. Differ-Ent aka DJ Bone – Gem In Eyes

Wild shit, love the weird sounds, and the way it evolves — just an all around interesting track.

8. Rimbaudian – She Taught Me How To Love

Gorgeous, sunny house music at its best.

9. Donny – Roses

And soar right in to some more luscious house music. So much feeling in those chords.

10. Michael Mayer & Joe Goddard – For You (DJ Koze Mbira Mix)

Love, love, love.